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Software Development & Programming School

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The Software Development program has been designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of settings. Typical job titles for software developers entering the field would be a software developer, web designer, systems programmer, and application developer. The content of this El Cajon Software Development & Programming school provides the student with specialized training in industry-current programming languages and computer-based systems. Instruction in web development aspect of the program includes coding in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, XML. The main programming languages included in the program are JAVA, C#/C++, VB.NET.

This Program leads directly to our Associate Degree Program. 

Program Format
This program is offered in both traditional and hybrid formats. Each delivery method requires students to attend 20 hours of instruction per week, where hybrid students may complete up to 50% via online instruction, depending on the given course.

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37 Semester Credit Hours

36 Weeks (9 Months)

Accredited by the COE


Introduction to Software Development and Project Management

This course provides an overview of computer programming and software development. Students will be introduced to various computer operating systems, hardware, software and programming environments. Emphasis is placed on planning, design, development, implementation, and testing of an application. Methods to utilize input–process–output (IPO) charts, pseudocode and flowcharts with being introduced to assist with application development. Additionally, the course will discuss the health and safety of continuous computer usage and methods to lessen risk factors.

Core Programming Logic and Design Principles

This course introduces programming logic, control statements, and program flow. Students will be given the skills to understand programming structure; including sequence, selection, and repetition. The student will learn problem analysis and methods of algorithm application to solve the scenario.

Web Development

This course introduces the student to web-based programming languages/scripts and focuses on internet fundamentals. Students will be able to create a web interface utilizing HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and PHP. The course will additionally introduce content management systems (CMS), especially WordPress.

Client-Side Web Scripting

This course introduces Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to create client-side web scripting interfaces. Students will be exposed to JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) in order to create an interactive web interface.

Server-Side Web Application

This course introduces scripting for server-side web applications. The topics included in this course are REST and SDK APIs, Microsoft Azure services, Ruby, PHP, and ASP.NET.

Understanding SQL and Databases

This course provides an understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) and databases. The course will cover data management and database creation of an RDBMS (relational database management system). The basics of the SQL language will be discussed in order to access and retrieve data within the database. The implications of database security will be discussed.

Object-Oriented Programming

This course provides an overview of object-oriented programming languages and defines the standard purpose for each language discussed. The course will explain object-oriented programming concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and encapsulation.

C#/C++ Programming Language

This course provides a detailed look at the object-orientated programming C# (C-sharp) and C++ languages. Students will be prepared using industry best practices to create high-quality C language code. The course will include project conception, design, implementation, and testing

Java Programming

This course provides a hands-on experience with the object-orientated programming language of Java. Students will be prepared using industry best practices to create high-quality Java code. The course will include project conception, design, implementation, and testing.

Mobile Application Development

This course focuses on the creation of applications for use on mobile platforms. Students will focus on specific features and resources for application development on Android and iOS devices.

Career Development

This course offers an introduction to successful interviewing and resume development techniques. In addition, it provides information on effective networking and seeking out the appropriate job. Instruction is provided on correct workplace habits, professionalism, and maintaining a positive attitude.


Cost of the Program
$11,990.00 Tuition
$350.00 Fees

Graduation Rate (For 2017).
No students enrolled during the reporting period.

Placement Rate (As reported to the Council on Occupational Education in the 2017 Annual Report)
No students enrolled during the reporting period.

The Median Loan Debt for Students in this program for the award year 2015-2016.
No students enrolled during the reporting period.

Software Development & Programming Program graduates typically obtain jobs as a software developer, web designer, systems programmer, and application developer. Below is a link to the Standard Occupational Classification:
Software Developers, Systems Software


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